Passion Play 2010


Every ten years, with the notable exceptions of 1770 and 1940, the villagers of Oberammergau have performed the Passion Play with great verve. It is the same ritual: men and women let their hair grow for a year, the roles are cast, and the young and old go through a long and difficult series of rehearsals. In the year 2010, Goodspeed is privileged to have access to the Passion Play and to the players. We have exclusive use of the “Oberammergau Concierge” service and can look to our years of commitment to the village to make your visit memorable. This is a must for any traveler interested in taking part in a world famous event.

In year 2000, Goodspeed sold out its Oberammergau Passion Play programs 16 months before curtain with 100% satisfaction.

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