Music & Culture

The value of music in understanding foreign culture cannot be measured. Our world is divided by philosophy, language, religion, wealth. Yet music has the ability to leap over the fences; to break down the barriers. Listen to a local musician, appreciate the artistry of the performance and you will have an instant friendship. Or bring your choir or performance group to a foreign audience and you will open doors and windows. Goodspeed brings your group to venues where the musical experience connects audience to performer; stranger to friend. Listen to the haunting folk music of the rich Irish countryside or the heartbreaking entreaties of the fadistas in old Lisbon. Or have your group perform in a once-in-a-lifetime setting such as the Salzburg Cathedral or in a Harlem nightclub or while setting sail in the Greek Islands.

For a taste of high culture, Goodspeed is your concierge for exclusive events such as premiers at the Metropolitan Opera House, performances of Wagner at Bayreuth, or the Chopin Competition in Warsaw.

Christmas Market Tour in Austria – December 2018

Join Goodspeed & Bach for a Christmas Market Tour in Austria, we’ll visit Salzburg, Vienna and more!  December 12-19,  2018. (Read more)

Vintage​ ​Egypt​ ​~​ ​A​ ​Classic​ ​Adventure​ ​on​ ​the​ ​Nile​ ​River​ ​of​ ​Africa: May 8 – 19, 2018

Join Goodspeed & Bach and Egyptologists Colleen and John Darnell to travel back in time to explore Egypt by Train, Steamboat and more! (Read more)

Save the date! Join Court Street Arts for a Tour of Ireland: May 2 – May 10, 2018

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