Church Groups

Understanding Christianity in Europe is more than just a pilgrimage to shrines or great cathedrals. With Goodspeed, Catholic or Protestant tour groups discover the importance of the Church in Western society as well as re-discover the importance of Christianity in themselves. Goodspeed creates a unique tour program for your church group or congregation. Visit with Church leaders in Rome; perform in the Salzburg Cathedral, watch the sun rise from the Wartburg Castle, take communion in a Portuguese chapel overlooking the ocean. Your tour will focus on the wishes of the church leaders and the itinerary will incorporate off-the-beaten-path and back-door opportunities for the congregants. It’s a chance to share with Christians and understand our differences and similarities as spiritual travelers.

Reformation 500: Cities of Martin Luther with Rev. Don Rothweiler

Join Rev. Don Rothweiler and our Goodspeed staff for a fall tour of the Reformation Cities in Germany.  It has been 500 years since Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg. Celebrate this great anniversary in 2017  as we follow in... (Read more)

In the Footsteps of J.S. Bach

Join acclaimed organist William Trafka and William Fulton as they follow the footsteps of J.S. Bach in eastern Germany.  The Bach tour is scheduled October 16-25, 2014. The music of Johann Sebastian Bach has inspired generations of music lovers for its unparalleled genius in craftsmanship and its deeply spiritual... (Read more)

Tour in the Footsteps of Martin Luther

Day 1: DEPART THE UNITED STATES  Day 2:  Wittenberg Wilkommen in Deutschland! Welcome to Germany! After clearing customs, meet your trip director and board your luxury motorcoach for an orientation tour of Berlin.   Afterward travel through Franconia and Saxony. Upon arrival in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, join your trip director for... (Read more)