Like the fable of the blind men and the elephant, America cannot be defined by one experience. At Goodspeed, we will customize your itinerary to make the most of your American and Canadian experience. Ride the range with cowboys in Wyoming. Join a master chef from the Culinary Institute of America. Have breakfast with the historian of the Pentagon. Learn about the roller coaster of Wall Street from a broker. Cross Canada on a private train. Visit Nova Scotia on a vintage schooner. Have breakfast with a Hollywood producer in Beverly Hills.

New York City

Christmas Market in Quebec City with Court Street Arts

Come and join Court Street Arts for this two-night adventure to Quebec City December 9-11, 2016. (Read more)

The Maritimes and Celtic Colours Festival 2013

There are still a few spots available on  Vermont Public Radio’s Robert Resnik, host of  All the Traditions  for a glorious autumn tour of the Canadian Maritimes by train or plane and bus and ferryboat, timed perfectly to coincide with Celtic Colours 2013, one of the world’s great traditional... (Read more)

New York City Musical Tours for Student Groups

Experience Broadway, museums and classical music concerts! Enjoy a tour of the United Nations where you learn about its history, structure and composition. See a broadway performance of such as West Side Story or Newsies.  Visit one of New York’s finest museums, the Whitney Museum, MoMA (Museum of Modern... (Read more)