Traveling to Africa with Goodspeed is as different from north to south as it is east to west. From Casablanca to Cape Town, Africa offers some of the greatest secrets and travelers’ treasures to be found anywhere on earth. The inhabitants, both human and otherwise are no less diverse – Africa is homeland to modern cities and nomadic villages alike. Goodspeed will be your guide, whether you’re after a peaceful sunrise while on an Africa safari, a camel trek with Berber tribesmen, or a photo op with mountain gorillas. Africa will touch you deeply and beckon you to return again and again.

Find yourself in harmony with a unique timeless place as you witness a play that has no script, by actors who have no lines, in a venue that needs no set. You will be presented with a mosaic of vibrant colors and harmonious rhythms. Exotic and raw in some areas, while thoroughly elegant in others, this beguiling continent is full of dreamy visions of glory.

Our common destinations:

Vintage​ ​Egypt​ ​~​ ​A​ ​Classic​ ​Adventure​ ​on​ ​the​ ​Nile​ ​River​ ​of​ ​Africa: May 8 – 19, 2018

Join Goodspeed & Bach and Egyptologists Colleen and John Darnell to travel back in time to explore Egypt by Train, Steamboat and more! (Read more)

WoodenBoat Magazine Maritime Adventure On the Nile River of Africa

Join WoodenBoat Magazine for eleven incredible days exploring the Nile’s finest ancient maritime attractions with Egyptologists Colleen and John Darnell. After exploring Cairo’s most fascinating sites, we’ll move on to Aswan, where we’ll board the legendary steam ship SUDAN for a four-day private cruise. This century-old paddle wheeler remains a symbol of the... (Read more)


Day 1:  Ferry to Tangiers/Fez  Transfer to the port city of Algeciras, where you will board the ferry to Morocco. After the sea crossing, arrive in Tangiers and meet your bi-lingual tour Escort.   Located on the Strait of Gibraltar where Africa meets Europe, Tangier has long held strategic importance.... (Read more)